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This is my gift to the world.
From my soul to yours.

Are you looking for a unique piece of art?
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custom art, I can create Illustrations and prints for your business.
I love collaborations that are fun and playful!
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Or  you can simply just explore my Art and let it touch your Heart.

This is my gift to the world,

I hope you enjoy!

 Moa Stridh

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       Awakening the Heart
Custom painting

Are you looking for a Unique and Personal Gift?
Do you feel inspired to awaken what is in your heart?

The Heart Painting is a custom made Painting that is created  to bring the inspired part of you alive and awaken what is in the heart.

This colorful watercolor painting is full of details and symbols that will remind you to stay empowered and inspired on your life journey.
Or it can be ordered to celebrate the love for someone you care for.

What is the story of your heart?

Including a 30 min call with me to collect the inspiration for the painting.

Let's Celebrate your unique heart!

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