Welcome to the Journey

You are the Artist and your life is a Canvas...
Well not really. 
I would say YOU  are the Painting and your Soul is the Artist.
In this way you can step in to your purpose of being a painting in this life. And you in this life is a collection of paintings cerated by your soul

This is an invitation for you get curious about your own journey and learn the ways you can come alive more as yourself.


I see people as paintings, Each painting is unique to it's own expression of colours and shapes.
They are different to everyone who is observing creating a unique relationship with the observer.
And still Intimate to it's own expression of itself. The Artist intentions remains a mystery The purpose of the painting is to excist and to see that it can be enjoyed in multiple ways

I wish for you to find your own unique  way of dancing with life. 
What is it like being you?

I wish to see you discover how you feel most inspired moving through this life.

What happens if you look with curiosity and learn ways to play with what is right here ?

Let yourself use the creative and inspired part of yourself.
What is this life about?

I wish for you to discover your way of moving in this life and to see the gift