Welcome to meet me ... 

Thank you for stopping by and look into my creation.

My Art is my gift to the world. I am here to share it with the world.
I often reflect on all the  things that makes this life so beautiful and worth being alive, the things we often miss out on because we are to busy in our minds or distracted by the noise of the world. 

I like to see my mission in life to wake people up. And to continue to wake up to my own truth every moment. I  see this life as an experiment to discover more about myself as I continue play through life.

I wish for people to find their own way to dance with life

I find many ways to dance with life, to move with life in a way that inspires me. 

I capture the life I see,  what I touch and feel that is in some ways meaningful to me and then  find ways to and share it with the world. Conversations, Projects, My art, Photographs and writing.

My journey with Art

For me art has always been a way to express my inner world since early childhood I loved creating with my hands. Looking back I can see this has had a huge impact on my life. It is a way for me to be free in my own unique way and explore and learn who I am am and how I see the world without judgement or fear.

When I create art it gives me freedom and space to be me. 

As I child I could  emerge myself in the details of the drawings for hours and hours lost in my imagination. I loved creating almost anything but drawing became what I focused on mostly. 

I was always so curious of  the tiny details in nature, the stars in the sky, fascinated of all living things and how we were deeply connected to it all.
Spend a lot of time wondering in nature and exploring. 

What a beautiful gift it is to be alive.

Who I am today

I am still very much like that now, I like to say I have grown into my childlike self more. 

I feel there are infinite ways we can connect to the life within us and around us and there are so many ways to live life more peacefully and in flow than we allow ourselves to.  If we cam allow us to be more childlike it all becomes more clear.

It was not until later in my teens  that I started paint bigger canvas paintings with acrylic and I experimented with abstract painting to.
I continued exploring, experimenting and had a few exhibitions.
This was also  a time when I realised how I wanted to do this more as an hobby.
I saw also how people were observing my art and the way it effected them.
I fell in love with how my art opened up people, started different conversations, awakened emotions and created a space of curiosity that brought something new.

What more ways is there we can communicate with each-other?
What more ways can we let Art lead the way ?

Curiosity and wonder has always guided me and continued to spark the inspiration for creating more.

Now I am not only sharing my Art but I have opened up to share my creative process with others and also teach ways to awaken more of our inner artist and childlike selves.
I do believe everyone is an artist in a sense where we can connect to our creative selves. And that creativity  is really something that can change the world now.

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 I think that we have entered a time in which it is SO important that we together create a space in this world for everybody to thrive and shine in our own full potential, regardless of where we come from, what our past is and what we come here with. We are all unique and deserve to celebrate that uniqueness.

So this is my gift to the world and I hope what ever you find  that I share can awaken something within you.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love and Light,

Moa Stridh