Awakening the heart

Are you called to journey home into your heart?



Are you ready to listen?


How does it feel to be truly home within yourself?



I know how it can feel when you begin to look within your heart. And if you are reading this I know a part of you has already started to listen.

A calling to journey into that sacred space where your soul rests.

The longing for the YOU that feel more alive and more free.

The feeling of peace.

The feeling of finally being home.

The journey of awakening the heart is about awakening the purity of who you are and who you came into this world to be.


Is it really possible to live in this world with an open heart?

And to live in this world truly as ME?

If so .... then HOW?

I feel these are the questions we all need to be asking right now.

Because to truly create a world that is thriving and where we live at peace with each other we have to start with ourselves.

To create home within ourselves is how we create that home in the world for all living beings.

So I have asked these questions many times. And I still do.

It is the basis of how I live my life now.

Do I feel at home within my heart?

And what ever is coming up for me that is standing in the way in that moment is the journey I have to walk to get home.

There are no shortcuts into the heart.

It is a deep surrender to love.

And a forever unfoldment of the truth of who we are.

And I am offering to walk this journey with you.

A little piece of my own story... 

I know what it can feel when you begin to open the heart. This feeling of love and also the feeling of the pain that is standing in the way.

 I came into this world just like we all did. Curious, open and with a lot creativity and magic.

I loved exploring art, nature and find my own unique way of dancing in the world.

And I did, many times.

The older I go I tried to find a way to be me in the world, to live in society and have beautiful relationships with others. 

I felt this wasn't easy. 

My heart seemed to want more than what was possible.

I wanted more truth, more love and gentleness.

Again I asked: IS it really possible to live in this world true to my heart?

My journey lead me to experience many aspects of life. The pain of being disconnected from my body, the pain of not knowing who I was or how to have relationships that fels deep and meaningful. The journey of loosing myself and then finding myself again.

I was on a journey to awaken my heart

 I know what it is like to not have someone there when all the questions starts to come up, the emotions, the pain and when the many walls that have been built up around the heart begin to fall down. 

I remember the confusion the frustration and the disorienting feeling of being lost and disconnected from myself and my body. The loss of the old me and the birth of a a new.

Now I wish to hug that little girl and remind her:

"This is all part of the journey, your heart is opening and soon it will all make sense and fall into place, keep going!" 

My heart kept calling me home.

And I now feel like I can breathe again

I feel space again

I feel Healing where there was pain.

I feel freedom in areas where I felt controlled.

I feel lightness where I used to feel heavy.

I feel at peace where I used to feel anxious.

I feel compassion where there was resentment.

I feel trust where there was doubt,

I feel ease where there was struggle.

I feel joy where there was grief.

I feel love where there was separation.

I feel more whole.

I feel more me.


The 1.1 sessions I offer are designed to take you on a journey within yourself.

To help you find a path that feels more true to yourself.

They are intended to create a space around you where you feel safe and held and at the same time give space to let the intuitive flow guide the way.

The way I work is very intuitively and with respect for your bodys nervous system to make sure all of you are on board during the whole session. 

How to know if this session is for you

*You are going through a transformation/healing/ and you need guidance on how to navigate it with more ease and heart. 

*You are interested in self healing and to learn how to activating your own healing powers to create more freedom and love from within.

*You want to invite more self love and to build a stronger relationship with yourself where you respect and honour your body and soul more.

*You wish to become more in touch with your intuitive self and to start practicing to act from a more true and pure place within yourself. 

*You need a creative push to finally do the things that TRULY makes you happy and creates fulfilment from within. 

The sessions are 90 min long and will be held via zoom.

 Start by booking a free 30 min discovery call with me to feel this out.

Click here to send me a message. (Include your time zone and preferred dates to connect.) 



I am looking forward to meet you!

With love


Rose Flower