Magic of art

Unique group experiences

I am so excited to bring these workshops to people 


 I create these customised group workshops because I 

These workshops are good if you are a teacher looking for a unique and creative way to embody have your students embody a teaching. 

I create customised workshops for groups of people who wish to learn the magic of art to embody another layer of teaching. 



I create customised workshops for people who 

Who are my clients?
Coaches, mentors, leaders and creative entrepreneurs who would love to bring in a new experience for their team. 


Dear Moa, Thank you for the beautiful class on Friday. From beginning to end, I was held by your soothing, gentle voice. With great love, you guided us through a meditation on color, form, vibration, creativity, and release. It was both a delight and a catharsis. Thanks for the gift of your presence and your essence! Feeling enormously blessed!


With love, Seva