You know that feeling when you just know something inside is starting to come alive?

I keep my vision in mind for how this world can look when we all start to embrace the true essence lying within our hearts.

The feeling is sometimes experienced as a tingeling in your heart and a gentle voice telling you :

There is something more waiting for you.

And sometimes it comes as a big and load storm showing you the growth and healing of old wounds that want to come into the light to be embraced, healed and returned to love.

A new YOU is being born.

The journey fo awakening the heart is something that touches me so deeply and I feel so honoured to do this work. It really inspired me to connect with others on their journey and hear their hearts stories and guide them in the direction of what is being born.

I see this journey as a beautiful dance between the world of spirit and our human experience.  It allows us to understand ourselves and move in this world in without walls up.
Vulnerable and yet so powerful. 

I been on my own heart journey and discovered the layers of pain that was standing in the way of my  

Regardless of where you are on this journey and what you are experiencing you KNOW there is something within you that is wanting to come alive.

And I am here to as a friend and walk with you gently back to the sacred home in your heart. 

This life is a journey of transformation, death and birth. 
It is a journey of discovering ourselves and our unique walk on earth.

I am offering these heart journeys with a deep humbleness. Feeling grateful to be able to bring someone closer to who they truly are.

I keep my vision in mind for how this world can look when we all start to embrace the true essence lying within our hearts.

What am I offering
What do you need?

These are the packages I am offering

6 week program.


The journey fo awakening the heart is something that touches me so deeply.

Being someone who feel the world, others and experience this universe on a very deep level it hasn't been easy for me to live in a way that feels true to my heart.

I am a very sensitive soul and my heart has been tested many times in this life.

I often asked: 

"Is it really possible to live in this world as me?"

Opening my heart to see my own uniqueness is something took me a while. A lot of questioning, doubting, anxiety, emotional pain, resistance and the list can be made long.

My heart continued to help me  embrace and truly see the gift in it all.

I got to lear that life is a constant  dance between death and rebirth. Always transforming and changing.

Just like nature.

And also that something always seem to remain the same.

The magical place within my heart.

After starting to fall in love more deeply with my own journey.

I have learned ways of embracing challenges and move through transformations with more ease and flow. I have discovered many unique way's of moving through emotions and transformations in very creative and intuitive ways.

And I am still learning new ways everyday to live life more true to my heart.

I am here to help you fall in love  with your own unique dance with life.


I believe we are all on a journey of transformation, death and birth. We all experience it differently and move with life in very unique ways. 


I see many people suffering in the process of awakening and opening the heart.

I know that challenges can feel so hard to overcome and that emotions can seem to overtake and feel impossible to move beyond. 

 And I know how it feels to walk this journey alone.


I also know that is a journey that can be filled with so much magic and love if we choose to embrace it with an open heart.


This is why I am offering these heart journeys with a deep humbleness.

I am here to help you find your way home.

I am creating both group journeys and 1.1 sessions.

To be informed about the group journeys please leave your email with me and I will keep you updated! A series of online workshops are being planned for this autumn 2021!


 1.1 sessions

60 and up to 90 min min long depending o the flow of the session.

I guide you to connect your heart space and use creative tools to activate the creative magic hidden inside you. 

How does a session work? 

In the  1.1 sessions with me I use mindfulness inspired practices combined intuitive painting and creative expression. It is a way of bringing very loving awareness to the present moment and accessing what want to be seen, expressed, healed and transformed.

I see that creativity and mindfulness is a very powerful tool to use because it helps you awaken more of your intuitive wisdom and meet our challenges in a more loving and curious way. 

Why you might be interested in having a session

-  You wish to heal something on an emotional/spiritual/physical/mental level that has brought you pain or difficulty in your life.


- You are interested in self healing and want to learn how to activating your own healing powers to create more freedom and love from within.

- You feel the calling home to your heart and want to find a more loving way of being with yourself and looking after your body's needs.  

- You wish to become more in touch with your intuitive self and inner guidance system.

- You need that creative push to move forward and finally do the things that TRULY makes you happy and create fulfilment from within.

What are you called to heal/transform or awaken in yourself?

What feels like it is holding you back?

What are you ready to let go of and invite into your life? 



NOW Donation based starting from 44$ 

You can pay 44, 88, 100, 300?

You choose what feels good in your heart.


Start by booking a free 30 min discovery call with me and we will see if this is for you.

Message me to book :

I am CET Stockholm time zone.

With Love