It's time to
Awaken your heart

You know that feeling when you just know something inside is starting to come alive?

The feeling is sometimes experienced as a tingling in your heart and a gentle voice telling you :

There is something more waiting for you.

And sometimes it comes as a big and load storm showing you the growth and healing of old wounds that want to come into the light to be embraced, healed and returned to love.

It is all a sign that a new YOU is being born.



I am here to help you awaken the magic in your heart..

 1.1 sessions

60 and up to 90 min min long depending o the flow of the session.

I guide you to connect your heart space and use creative tools to activate the creative magic hidden inside you. 

How does a session work? 

In the  1.1 sessions with me I use mindfulness inspired practices combined intuitive painting and creative expression. It is a way of bringing very loving awareness to the present moment and accessing what want to be seen, expressed, healed and transformed.

I see that creativity and mindfulness is a very powerful tool to use because it helps you awaken more of your intuitive wisdom and meet our challenges in a more loving and curious way. 

To know if this heart journey is for you

-  You wish to heal something on an emotional/spiritual/physical/mental level that has brought you pain or difficulty in your life.


- You are interested in self healing and want to learn how to activating your own healing powers to create more freedom and love from within.

- You feel the calling home to your heart and want to find a more loving way of being with yourself and looking after your body's needs.  

- You wish to become more in touch with your intuitive self and inner guidance system.

- You need that creative push to move forward and finally do the things that TRULY makes you happy and create fulfilment from within.

What are you called to heal/transform or awaken in yourself?

What feels like it is holding you back?

What are you ready to let go of and invite into your life? 



NOW Donation based starting from 44$ 

You can pay 44, 88, 100, 300?

You choose what feels good in your heart.


Start by booking a free 30 min discovery call with me and we will see if this is for you.

Message me to book :

I am CET Stockholm time zone.

With Love