Here are som examples of custom artworks you can order

I can't wait to hear from you. Message me with your magical idea (no matter how unclear or crazy you think it is)  I will help you bring your vision alive!

1.  Artwork for your business
An amazing way to bring your business alive in a unique and colourful way!

 A visual artwork that is bringing alive your unique business, project or event and have all the important elements incorporated into it shining through !

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2. Heart Painting

  • A unique painting with the base of a heart that is designed to bring out love from within and celebrate the magic that is there.

  • As a gift: For someone you love. A friend, Family member or loved one that needs some extra love and support.

  • As a couple Painting. Surprise your partner with a unique gift to celebrate your love. 

  • Buy as a a wedding gift.

  • A gift for  yourself to celebrate and empower you on your journey. 

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3. "Magical Tree"
 A watercolour painting that will bring you alive as a magical tree.

5. Heal your inner child
A 90 min session + watercolour painting

4. Abstract painting 

  • An acrylic painting on canvas/or watercolour  that will bring colours and magic into your home.

  • What colours do you wish to see in your home? What sensations and emotions do you wish the artwork to bring?

  • The abstract painting can be painted on both paper with watercolours and also with acrylics on canvas. 

    Prices vary from size (Message me to find out)

5. A series of digital illustrations and artworks

I create images that will be used online and also for printing purpose.
  • Do you have a learning process you wish to have illustrated ? For a course or a teaching.

  • You wish to bring alive your website in a unique and colourful way and you need a series of images for your website.

  • Are you working on a book? or a series of images for a project or event?


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Options with digital and original 

You have the option to get the image both as an original and also as a  digital image.

The image is designed to your specifications and colours and details are discussed before hand in a call. 

The original artwork : The artwork is on high quality paper and painted mainly with watercolours. It will be shipped to you and be ready to put in a nice frame and hang on the wall.
The size is on A3 paper (if you don't have other requests)

The digital image : You will receive the image in a high quality so that you can use it everywhere on your social media platforms. If you wish to print the image such arrangement can also be made. 


Thrive 2.jpg


-  Moa has interpreted me and what I do in my business in a fantastic image and a logo. They now convey in picture what I convey in words and energy. I can warmly recommend Moa, it has been nice to cooperate and I am so pleased with the result.

- Sanna Nordin owner of Sanna Jag (Sweden) 

"Moa did a gorgeous custom piece for my partner for her anniversary. she took the time to understand our relationship so she could channel a piece that is reflective of our union. I was overjoyed with the result and it is such a beautiful gift that we will be blessed with for life. Thank you so much"


"The Heart Painting you did for me was a beautiful high vibrational gift! I had it in the heart of my home because your art emanated good vibes in the living room. Now I moved to Germany (where colors are very needed), and this painting brings me warm joy within.
You are a very sensitive person and this is a great gift for making quality art Gratitude and Blessings"

Santiago Rafael

"My team and I approached Moa in June on the recommendation of a trusted peer colleague in the spiritual wellness industry. We were looking for an artist to help us illustrate a model that could translate an esoteric concept, the creative flow from unformed potential through the mechanisms of quantum cognition and personal vibration. We had already developed the model, but wanted to be able to visually convey the magic, marvel and miracle that is the human mind. We needed to take it to a new creative level, out of linear form and into one that could invoke a living, vibrational recognition in the viewer without the need for spoken explanation. We started by browsing Moa's portfolio and were so excited and impressed by the vibrancy of her work. We loved the way she uses color to draw out certain frequencies, and the simplicity of the illustrations. She was excited about our project and her passion was invested from the start (having worked with her now for five months I understand this is how she approaches all her work). She listened carefully to our needs and asked wonderful questions to gather what she needed to put the work together. We had regular conversations and progress reports via Messenger and it was so exciting to see the work come together! Here we could viscerally experience our intention coming to form through these colors and shapes! It felt like we were a part of the birthing process, that she was guiding us as much as we were her - and the end result blew us out of the water. She not only captured our meaning, but enhanced it, amplified it and then brought it to life through watercolor. I now use the illustration in all my teachings and my students respond extremely well to it as a device - because it is more than an image of paper, it is a living story of the miracle of life. Thoroughly magic!!"

Elizabeth AA Wilson