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- You are the dreamer, I am the creator!

What do you wish to bring alive?

I creating something that is personal and unique to you.
To your specifications and wishes together we bring your vision alive.

Are you looking for a unique and personal gift?
Or something eye-catching to bring you business or project alive? 

I create a high quality painting to your specifications and details inspired by your vision.
All custom Artworks includes a call with me to get more into details. 
I work with watercolours and markers and sometimes other mixed media.

The finished product will be a high quality paper ready for you to put in a nice frame.
You can also get a high quality Digital Image of your artwork for you to use on your online platforms


1 x Medium  Custom Artwork  (A4  Size) :                                           120  US  (1,200 SEK) 
1x BIG  Custom Artwork  (A3 size )  :                                                  
 170 US  (1,700 SEK )


1 x Medium  Custom Artwork  (A4  Size) + Digital version:                    160 US  (1,600 SEK)  
1x BIG Custom Artwork  (A3 size ) + Digital version  :                             220  US 
(2,200 SEK)

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