Awakening the heart


The customised heart painting can be created for:

  • Someone you love. A friend, Family member or loved one that needs some extra love and support.

  • As a couple Painting. Surprise your partner with a unique gift to celebrate your love. 

  • Buy as a a wedding gift for friends.

  • A gift for  yourself to give yourself the empowering gift of unlocking the gift of your heart

A Unique Customised Watercolor Painting 

I will help you create the perfect Vision for your Heart painting Including all the personal details:  Colors, Symbols, Memories, Visions, Nature. You are the Dreamer I am the Creator! 

Do you have a business? Order The heart for your business here.

"The stunning drawing that Moa Stridh custom made for me. I am in awe. She has captured the essence of my dreams and desires inside this masterpiece of art. I see both known and unknown parts of myself being expressed in the most inspiring and magical way through her."
Caroline Yazi

Order Today

Make sure to order in advance. It takes 1-2 weeks depending on the waiting list. Message me to find more information.

1 X Custom Artwork  (A3 size )  :                               200 US  (2,200SEK )

Including a 30 min call with me and a question form to fill in before I start 


The finished product will be a high quality paper ready for you to put in a nice frame.You can also get a high quality Digital Image of your artwork for you to use on youronline platforms

Fill in your Details
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Please write in comments your Time zone  and some simple details about The Heart you want me to create. Your question form and the call will be scheduled after :)

I will be in touch within 3 days !

"The Heart Painting you did for me was a beautiful high vibrational gift! I had it in the heart of my home because your art emanated good vibes in the living room. Now I moved to Germany (where colors are very needed), and this painting brings me warm joy within.
You are a very sensitive person and this is a great gift for making quality art Gratitude and Blessings"

Santiago Rafael