Magic of Art 
A call for  artists to unite to bring more
peace into our hearts and the world

In today's world we all get to be Artists.
YES you are an artist. 
Even if you don't know it yet.

- Do you feel the calling to invite

more creativity, love and inner peace  into your life?

Is it time to give yourself permission to be  present with your inner world and learn to express yourself more freely?

I am so excited to open up the space and explore with this with you.
This is a call for artists who wish to meet in a safe and loving space where we  come together to grow, learn, nurture and explore the creative  magic in our hearts.






8 weeks

During 2 months you have a unique opportunity to get to know yourself in a new way and discover parts of you longing to be expressed.

What inspired me to create this course?

I feel the calling deep within me. A calling that is inspired form my own observation of this world and what it feels like to be me in the world. My own intimate process with painting, meditating and exploring my own inner world through different exercises. And also the experiences collected with other souls also on a journey discovering their own unique path. 

I want to give others the opportunity to go on that inner journey that can sometimes feel scary, lonely, confusing and far from easy. 

This course is a gift from my heart to yours.
I want to give you the opportunity to discover more of the gifts you have in your heart by showing you a new creative way to let them out.
My intention is that you will deeper the connection to yourself and feel more inspired to create what you want in the world.

I feel inspired to share the many things I have learned on my own creative journey.
I have discovered ways to use art to dance with my shadows, embrace my emotions, give voice to feelings hidden deep within me and to access insights about my next steps to take. I see that life becomes so much more beautiful when we learn to be curious, open and take actions from an open heart, and art is a wonderful way to bring a playful element into this dance.

And I also feel the calling from the collective. That the world needs more creative loving people in this world to all help co-create a more peaceful place to live.
And art can help us guide the way!







More about the course: 
This creative course is designed for your to get more curious about yourself and bring nurturing wisdom to your life process.
My intention is for you to have a space to come to every week, that you will begin to call home for a while. A creative home were you are welcomed exactly as you are.

A space to be present with what is moving through you and to be received and loved in that.
An opportunity to explore deeper yourself and your life.

A space to explore emotions, shadows and use art to integrate and understand them.
And ultimately this is a  space to come home to your true self.









Intuitive painting combined with mindfulness
You will be guided to use tools such as, meditation, creative expressions, journaling, relaxing movements and intuitive painting to explore and express yourself. Anyone can join even if you never made art before!

We will each time explore different topics that will help us increase our awareness about ourselves and our inner world.

Each session will be unique with a theme to explore and time for you to reflect, paint, journal, meditate and go deeper within the topic as you wish to.

Group support

There will be a safe and loving group for us to connect, write and share in during this whole time. 












Intuitive painting

Intuitive painting is a way of expressing yourself through the magic of colours. It's about letting go of expectations and learn to trust your intuitive flow. You may find a deeper understanding about yourself, your emotions, the world and learn to move through life

with more ease and flow.


Self exploration - The intimate process

Creating art is a deep intimate process unique for everyone. When we learn to work with art more consciously we can bring healing and transformation to many areas of our lives. You will dive into this process and share as much of your process as you like. It is very beautiful to share and also get inspired by others creative journey


Magic of colours

All colours have a unique frequency and a way they contribute to our lives. Learning to use colours more consciously in your everyday life can help you improve your health and wellbeing in so many ways. See how the frequency of colours can guide you deeper on your creative journey.


Communicate through art

How do we communicate with each-other through art? Exploring art is a beautiful way of meeting others and ourselves in a new way. How can we use the language of art to bring more deeper connection with others?



Mother nature

To stay grounded and connected to earth loving energy is essential to thrive in the world. We will nurture, call on guidance and connect deeper to nature and the living creatures here. 

The ripples of art

How is our art contributing to the world? There is a lot that happens in the collective field when we dive deeper into art and chose to listen more deeply to what wants to be created. We explore how our intimate process with art can contribute to our universe and the world we want to build.

Exploring the great mystery

The innocent way of with dancing life. Embracing this mystery of life is about diving into the unknown, to enjoy the life beyond the mind, just like kids. To explore the with curiosity and wonder. What can we discover? perhaps a deep sense of aliveness, connectedness and love emerging from within.


Dates and details 

 Start date will be when minimum 10 people have signed up. I image we can start already in July but it can also be more towards August. I trust the flow!

Times: All meeting will be on Zoom and I am in Sweden Time zone and we will arrange the times to either mornings or evenings Central European Time (CET)


*8x Online meetings via zoom which will last between 1,5 -2 hours.
(We will arrange them to fit all of the participants time zones) 

*Group support in a loving space where you get to share your process with others and get support in your process.

*ALL session will be recorded for you to view afterwards.

* My guidance and support in the group as well as message support during this whole time. 

* There will be options for you to add 1.1 sessions with me during the period of the course which can be really beneficial for you if you have areas in your life you want to dive deeper into or need emotional support and healing. 

*A life time access to the Magic of Art messenger group to continue receiving inspiration on your creative journey.



Including ALL above 
Early bird price  185$ 
(Until July 25th) after 220$



All Above + 1.1 sessions of 3 with me (Can be used during 6 months time) 
Early bird price
  333$  (Until July 25th) after 375$


What do you need?

A computer and good wifi connection.

What art material?

We will use colours and paper in our sessions so you need some art material to accompany you. Simple art material will do. And if you wish to use other materials then painting this is also welcomed, all is possible as long as you are inspired to use it in the process!

For more information please contact me with your interest and we will schedule a chat to get to know each other and see if this is right for you.





I look forward seeing you.

Much love,



Festival of Color
Join us in an interactive zoom call (3).png

It is such a safe and beautiful space! I have become more open and secure with myself and sometimes feel more confidence when creating. Especially while in the meetings, even if there is an urge to compare I don't do it as much, "we all have different hands" right? I would feel kind of empty if the meetings stopped I think, sometimes they have really helped out of a rut or just helping me feel okay and safe with my emotions. They do so much good for the soul and have become so important in my life.



Thanks so much for the session Moa

I had a quiet stressful day yesterday up until the session, so I was not sure how I was gonna feel during the session. Your meditation and writing and movement exercise really made me calm down and connect with the feeling of aliveness and joy but also with the acceptance of negative feelings... as they are part of being alive.


"I understand now why they call it a magical space. The team uses all the possibilities Zoom brings us to connect with each other from our different continents and creates an amazing space full of life and light... I felt so inspired by that co-creative/created energy I created things I couldn't have imagined by myself... Congrats for the work and thank you again so much, you colorful angels. Best wishes in and out of the drawing "


I woke up today wanting to draw and I’m so glad I found this recording!


It’s funny how these drawing seems like something a child would do and I kind of like that haha  letting my inner child come out! Thanks Moa for sharing your gift.


What people say


“Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.” 

Caroline Myss

“Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change"

Wayne Dyer