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Magic of art Family 

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What is the Magic of Art group?
A safe and loving space to connect and explore your inner artist.
We meet for Creative Online Meetups to co-create and support each-other on our creative journey.
It is a space for self discovery, healing and to inspire and be inspired on our life journey, to get support and enjoy the creative journey together. 

I look forward to welcome you int he space!

Much love

I look forward to see you soon ! 



More about the magic of art space 

I created this group because I see the world is longing for more creativity.
And so do we. Our hearts has something really beautiful longing to be expressed and shared with the world.
More and more people start to get curious about their creative magic within and want to learn to express themselves more freely through art. 

- How can our creative spirit help heal ourselves and create magic in the world?

So What is this space? 


This is a  space to come and explore your artistic side and dive deeper into the magic world of colours through painting, artistic exploration and to connect with others on the journey.

This creative movement has been sparkling within my heart for a long time and I am deeply passionate about the healing and transformative effects of art and how to find new ways of moving through life with more ease and flow.

I am here to inspire you to find your own creative way to dance with life. And to encourage you to activate the sparkles of magic in your heart.

I am so longing to see more people embracing their creative gifts and to see what will will co-create in this space and what ripples it has out into the world!

"The greatest gift you can give the world is the gift of being YOU"


A loving safe space
This space is for us to connect with others, to be inspired and to be seen, encouraged on our creative journey. It is important to keep a conscious loving communication and respect the privacy of the group so everyone feels safe and welcomed in this space. Remember that creating art can feel very vulnerable and sometimes it is scary to express ourselves. We want to keep this in mind that we are here to support each-other to be more free to create and share our art int he world.

A place for Self discovery 

This is an opportunity for you to go within and learn more about yourself and your inner world. An opportunity to fall in love with your journey and to be inspired to live life in a way that feels more true you. So use this group in a way that most inspires your self-discovery and always be mindful what you feel safe to share. Take a moment to feel into what you can learn from yourself as the student of your own life? How can you let your inner artist guide you on that journey?

Guidance and support 
This is a space where you can ask for guidance that can support you on your journey. Ask in the group openly: This is a beautiful way to contribute to the space since everyone can benefit from it. Or message me privately. I am always here to offer my support and loving wisdom.

Creative contribution and co-creation
We would love to see this group full of all your colourful artistic expressions!  See this as an opportunity to share yourself with others and enjoy the effects of contributing with your magic even if it feels scary at times. Because we really want to see it and the world is waiting for it!

Also take the opportunity to connect with together with others like minded to collaborate and create.

Remember There are no limits to art!

Creative Group experiences 
This is the most fun part ! You have the opportunity to regularly meet me and other guest facilitators and with the members here in a create creative group session. We will explore different themes and you will experience the beauty of a community on a deep intimate level.

Tools and practices

I will regularly provide with tools and wisdom here that I have gathered on my own journey and how I apply this in my daily life to increase my health, wellbeing and the enjoyment of being alive. You are also very welcome to share your own tips and tools.

Can't wait to see you in here !

Much love 


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