The magic of the present moment

Take a moment to be present with yourself, take a moment to be grateful, to breathe and to feel. Can you truly appreciate the beauty that is ALL around you?

To practice mindfulness for me is a way to be ow open to receive all beauty around me. I enjoy finding ways to bring more awareness into my life so that I can meet life with a more open heart and mind.

How is it like for you?

In the end on this page you find a little video I made from a beautiful day here in Sweden. Intended to inspire you to take a moment to be present in your heart.

The magic of the present moment When we take moment to just be in our everyday life we increase our capacity to be open for the magic around us. We bring an open heart and mind to life's experiences and the chatter of the mind stops to worry and stress about past or future. For me it is a way of living and a continuous practice that will be with me for the rest of my life. So not something with an end destination or to achieve, just a curiosity to explore with the intention to be more alive, open and aware of the magic around me. Isn't it interesting that it is SO SIMPLE but it can be one of the most difficult things for us humans in this world? Practice in the small moments Even just a small paus during your day, a mindful breathe or touch on the heart can make a big difference for your healthy and wellbeing. It doesn't have to be a long meditation or an hour yoga class.

There are SO many ways to bring a loving presence into our daily lives. And I believe it is more effective when we practice mindfulness in our own unique way to be curious to find what we most enjoy.

These are some ways I like to practice mindfulness: * Presence with the breath. The breath is always present and by focusing on it you are gently invited to explore what is right here.

* Mindful observing with a touch of curiosity were you let go of labelling, judgement and just seeing what is in front of you like for the first time. (In Zen buddism this is called beginners mind) *Gentle touch on the heart space or other parts of the body to bring presence into the body. * Using the senses to feel the body and the space around. Smelling a flower, observing the trees and using the senses with full awareness. * Using imagination to bring in what ever energy you want into the present moment like feeling of gratitude, peace, balance or harmony. Sometimes I visualise myself in a peaceful garden surrounded by animals or people I feel a deep connection to. *Using items like crystals or other objects that feel grounding and peaceful. I could make this list MUCH longer and I always discover new ways. How do you like to use mindfulness in your daily life? What are your favourite practices? As always I cam curious to hear from you what YOU love the most, what practices works for you and what reflections you have on this topic? I hope to make more posts, videos and share other helpful tools more in depth around mindfulness and the magic of the present moment.