Beauty in Chaos and the creative process

I wonder : If we wouldn't be so quick to judge ourselves and life? Can we be more open to see the magic and beauty in everything? Is it really a possibility to see the beauty in everything? To see the gift in even the most challenging moments? And can we use our creativity to help us navigate in life with more joy and ease?

In the bottom of this page you will find a video I made form my last painting session.

I had fun creating this and hopefully you will feel inspired to pick up your own colours or art material and express what your inner artist has to say.

Finding the beauty in chaos This is something I love exploring in my art practice. Because my art practice is not just limited to the moment I paint, it ripples out into my whole experience with life! And I love inspiring others to contemplate this. I invite you to explore : How do you experience the world when you free yourself of judgements and invite a more open mind and heart? How do you experience this in your art practice? Are you someone who is freely expressing yourself just like you were a kid? Enjoying the creation and rather than being focused on the outcome? or are you someone that perhaps struggle with being creative and find yourself judging to fast and feeling blocked when it comes to express yourself. Regardless of were you are in your creative journey. Know that is IS a journey and with practice it gets better. What steps can you take to allowing your inner artist to shine more? What ways can you invite more freedom to express? And also: How do you see this in your everyday life experience? Maybe reflecting a little bit on how you can be more open with life, seeing life more with openness and love and being curious to ask what is here to learn, discover and play with? I think that there is always a way to meet life of life experience with more openness and heart. And that when we do this we might start to see everything as something beautiful. In the chaos In the ugly

In the dark In the unexpected In times of struggle In times of change

In times of pain Can you also see? The light The beauty The creation The aliveness The opportunities Existing within all of it.

Can you allow?

For the intimate experience of life and the beauty in it be reviled to you?

I am curious as always to hear your reflections, thoughts and what is in your heart.* Join in the Magic of Art community to share this with like minded souls, or send me a private message or comment on this post. Click here to join

May you continue to explore life, remaining curious and open. Sending you so much love