Coming alive with colours

When I let the magic of colours guide my movement, life becomes a beautiful dance. When I paint I can tune into an inner movement beyond fears and limitations. It is a way to be be more free.

In this moment I am reflecting on this intimate process of how I create art. What is this really? What is happening "Behind the scenes" when I create art. I know it is different for everyone, it is a deep an intimate process that kind of never looks the same or repeats itself. One thing I know is that is much more than the finished artwork or just the use of the material making shapes and forms. I am sharing my own inner process with you here because I feel that it can somehow open up a new door for you that will inspire you to go deeper on your own journey with creating art. For me It's a way of being with life in a much more deeper way. In a way that feels more right for me. When I let the colours guide my movement it's like the struggle of what ever seem to bother me dissolves. The pain, the fears, emotions that feels heavy .... they finally have space to move, expand, transform into something new. It is always different when I step into the creative flow. Sometimes I feel like I am being cleansed, purified and reborn. Other times I feel I dive into other dimensions that teaches me about life and myself. Some times it's like time stops and I am gifted with a peaceful moment to just be. Do I need to know? Or can I simply allow this magical experience to be felt and experienced. Just trusting the process.

I feel as if the colours help my inner being come alive. They help me connect to the me that is bigger than just this body. To understand things, and organise and put things into place that before felt more chaotic and overwhelming.

Just like the moments when these photos were taken when I painted in the kitchen. When I just felt the calling and had to paint. Like a burst of energy wanting to be used. Something within me moved me into creation. Have you ever felt like this? Perhaps in other areas of you life. A feeling of "I just HAVE to do this" from a place of joy, excitement, love or an unexplainable force within.

I feel this the magic of the creative spark. You don't know when it hits you and you don't really know where it is coming from.

I will continue to dive into the mystery of this inner creative wisdom, that stretches far beyond the knowing of the mind. It helps me to be free and enjoy life in a much deeper way. I am now reminded of this beautiful Book "BIG MAGIC" written by Elizabeth Gillbert that I read a few years ago. I love the quote “What is creativity? ‘Creativity is a crushing chore and a glorious mystery. The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.'” I highly recommend this book if you want to be inspired to dive deeper into your creative life.

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