Communicating through art

What happens when we let ourselves be touched by the magic of an artists work? When we let the colours and message awaken something within us without the use of words.

This topic deeply inspires me and I would love to share in words here how I see art as a form of communication through my own exploration. How do we communicate through art? And what really happens when we observe a piece of art?

My own exploration I have always been amazed of the way art effect me. When I explore art from others, in museums or images shared across the internet and to see how some colours, shapes and forms just awakens something within me. I been drawing almost my whole life and I been using art to express and understand my inner world better for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I wasn't conscious of the way I used art as I am now but I can see now how it was a powerful tool for me to learn to communicate with my inner world. And I feel I am just in the beginning of understanding the way art is a powerful communication tool. And I am so curious to see what more ways there is for us to understand ourselves and the world better using the magic of art. What really happens when art awakens something within us ? When I got older I started to experiment more with colours and created more acrylic painting and I deepened my expression. As I started to share more openly my paintings with others I could observe how people got effected by the art. It was first very vulnerable and it took time to be ok to share my art with others. (Something I will be sharing more of in another post) I saw how my art really was a way of communicating beyond words. To me this was the beginning of a fascinating journey. I saw their faces light up, I saw them contemplate deeper, I saw when something within them got activated and there was sometimes even emotions coming up, very often joy or sometimes even sadness. I could ask them questions and they would tell m stories. I thought : Wow, I can reach others on a much deeper level than I could before... I wonder what else is possible in this new world of communicating?

I saw that people where more open to share their inner world with me. Referring to the art in the process seemed to help people communicate more deeply. They could somehow access something in a new way.Perhaps because they felt safe? So this curious exploration with this playful communication with others through art has continued since then. I hope that you feel inspired to contemplate this more in your life. I am leaving you with these questions: - How do you feel art is impacting you in your life right now? - Where do you feel inspired to dive deeper into this exploration? Maybe you want to explore this more by going to museums, exploring other peoples art and just let art awaken something within you. Or do you feel inspired to go on your own exploration using art?

I would love to invite you to the Magic of Art group I have created in the holistic living platform as a safe and loving space were we can express and explore our creativity. You are also welcome to contact me to have a private session explore this deeper. Much love