Meeting the world with an awakened heart

What if we meet the world with more kindness? What if we can let everything just be included in our own awakened heart?

With a clear intention to include all of life's experience in the heart all the emotions, worries and fears find their way to freedom. And I get to give space for the life life being born within.

This is what I been discovering is happening when I make art with this intention. And as always my art practice ripples out into everything else I do.

I am sharing this video I made yesterday when painting. I feel there will be many more of them as I enjoy sharing in a simple and easy flowing way with you my vretauve process. And also giving you some inspiration to go deeper on your own creative journey.

Life right now is starting to feel lighter. I thought for a while that I would't say that. But now so reliefed.

There is more space in my heart and I am able to hold a bigger space for all the waves of emotions passing through me. As a sensitive being I am feeling the shifts, the transformation, the weathers within me, the energies around me. The world is changing and so am I with it.

A question I been keeping with me is :

HOW do I move with the changes?