The magic of creating art

Is it possible to hear the voice of our soul when we create?

And to find deeper answers about who we are and why we are here through the magic of colours?

After hearing this question many times I have found the answer to this to be yes. A few years ago I decided to dive deeper into this magical process of creating art.

What is the magic of creating art?

I am not talking about any art. But the art created from the heart. The art that is manifested from a deep listening within.

The art that is born when the mind finally takes a break and we step back and let something else speak.

Creating art is a deep intimate process unique for everyone.

It will look very different from person to person. - What comes to your mind when you think of creating art? What the mind tell you about art is often far from what it actually is. But between the many voices in our head there is a LONGING... And a curiosity. And it is this curiosity that deeply inspires me with the work I do.

I often hear people say to me: "I wish I was also creative" " I wish that I could paint like you"

"I am not capable of creating anything other than a stick figure" These words comes from a limited idea of the mind. What the mind tell you about art. But between these words there is a LONGING... And this curiosity is what deeply inspires me with the work I do. I see that there are so many believes that are deeply imprinted in us from childhood and has shaped the way we see ourselves when it comes to our creativity. And I see the world longing for more creativity and so do we! A good video to watch is Sir Ken Robinsons Tedx talk:

Art by : Elvira Shatunova