The magic of Trees

Updated: May 10

What do you love about trees? And how would YOU look like if you were a tree? Trees are magical beings that can teach us a lot about life. My new series of "Magical Trees" helps us come alive with nature and celebrate the unique beings that we are.

This is a tree I painted with the intention to bring out my inner magic as a tree.

A few weeks ago I came up with a really inspiring idea to create a new kind of custom painting. If you are familiar with my work you might have seen my previous custom paintings for example " Awakening the heart". I love creating them and coming up with ideas that brings out peoples ideas, qualities and magic as a visual artwork.

So how did this idea start? And why do I feel so inspired by this new series of " Magical Trees" So I absolutely love painting trees. Or anything with trees makes me feel joyful, calm, inspired and it's like they awaken a part of me that is so much more alive and present. Trees are magical in so many ways, they bring life to earth and they also have a unique network beneath the earth that we humans are only beginning to understand. And Tree of life as a symbol keeps fascinating me and there are MANY stories around this that is told all over the world and always brings a some form of wisdom. I also love hugging trees, talking to trees, observing trees, climbing trees, sitting beneath trees.... well why I love trees is obvious. Trees are magical beings. Just like us. And they deserve to be celebrated in all the ways possible. And just because I love bringing things alive with colours I am going to enjoy painting MANY more trees in the near future. What do you love about trees? And what do you feel they teach you about life? Feel free to share your reflections here.

So this is me as a tree: