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On my Magic 1.1  page you can  book a private session to get support on your life journey.

You can also hire me for a group workshop experience for you and your team. 


Order custom artworks for yourself, a loved one or your business.

This page is always evolving and there is many things behind the scenes being created so keep your eyes open for:
A new meditation library, a blog, online courses, a photograph gallery, art prints, T-shirt collection, book's and ofc always new artworks ;) ...

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  Awaken your inner magic
8 January - 8 March 2   an 8 week journey




Are you ready to awaken to your inner magic?


* 4 group workshops 
* 3 Private sessions 
*  Online community

- Are you longing to awaken and discover your inner magic?

This 8 week course is designed to inspire you to live with more magic, connected to the creative, loving being that you are.

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  Magic 1.1 Session 
Private session to awaken your inner magic


In  the 1.1 session with me I will help you connect to your true self, the you that is moving in life in a way that feels joyful, peaceful and just right for you.

- Are you ready to start following the guidance of your heart and soul? 

- Do you wish to understand your emotions better using the magic of colors?  


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       Original Custom Painting
Canvas painting and mural art

Are you looking for a Unique and Personal Gift?
Do you want to decorate your walls in your cafe/restaurant or home? 

View my portfolio for some inspiration or do you already have an idea? 


                Send me a message with your request

       Awakening the Heart
A Custom painting to celebrate the gift of your heart



To get it before christmas

Are you looking for a Unique and Personal Gift?
Do you feel inspired to awaken what is in your heart?

The Heart Painting is a custom made Painting that is created  to bring the inspired part of you alive and awaken what is in the heart.

This colourful watercolour painting is full of details and symbols that is inspired from your unique being and your relationship with life.
It will remind you to stay empowered and inspired on your life journey.

Or it can be ordered to celebrate the love for someone you care for.

What is the story of your heart?

Including a creative transformative 1.1 session to dive deeper into the magic of your heart.

Let's Celebrate your unique heart!

See more and order the Heart painting  here 

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  Creative group workshop
Creative workshops customised for your team

Do you want to create something fun and playful with others?

The group workshops I guide is playful, creative and involves different elements to awaken more creativity. It is a fun way to connect in a group setting and bringing some new ideas into play.

All workshops are customised to meet your ideas and intentions for your unique group. 
Via Zoom or in person if you are in Sweden!

Contact me to discuss about your idea for a private workshop