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Hello beautiful soul

It is one of my deepest joy's in life to help people connect to themselves. This is the only way we can truly find inner peace and joy. I believe it is everyones purpose : to live true to our inner magic.

Awakening your inner magic is not an easy path and sometimes filled with many challenges. You are invited in the session with me to tap into your own guidance and start following the path that feels true to you.

The most important gift you can ever give yourself, and the world is to be YOU.

"The greatest gift you can give the world  is the gift of being YOU"

I'm a para

How does it feels to be truly you?

Have you ever wondered what it truly feels to live in a way that inspires you, that makes you feel joyful and full of excitement. Living life in a way that feels truly you.

I love  guiding and supporting people on navigating in this crazy life. The journey of awakening to magic is not an easy one to do by yourself. But with the right guidance and tools I know everyone can find their own unique way to dance with life.

This is what I am here to help you with.

- Are you ready to awaken your inner magic?

In  the 1.1 session with me I will help you connect to your true self. In a safe and loving space you will gently start to discover more of yourself, get clearer answers and finding more of you.

Are you ready to start following the guidance of your heart and soul?

We will together explore tools and practices that you can use in your daily life to move forward with more ease and flow. You will discover and awaken how you can live in a way that feels more natural to you. And how you can dance with life more like YOU.

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All session is via zoom

"Enjoy the journey of becoming who you truly are"

1.Transforming with colors

90 min

Are you curious to see how you can invite healing and transformation through the magic of art?

In this creative session you will be guided to use any colours you have at home and go on a creative inner journey.
Colours can reveal things you didn't see before and it is a very calming way to connect to emotions and clear old patterns.

This will be good if you want to release any creative blocks, heal and understand your emotions better, connect to parts of yourself that has been hidden and is blocking your true self to shine.

No previous experience with art need so don't worry and you can use simple colors and paper or anything you like that you have at home.


Transforming with colors

1 session 90 min 95$   (800SEK)

3 sessions :222$   (1,888 SEK)

1.The magic that is YOU

60 min

In this session you will be guided to awaken to your inner magic and find the answers you are seeking within.
Do you need guidance and support on how to access your true self?
I work intuitively with you to find what is currently blocking you.
You will be guided to see what you need to feel more empowered to move forward in life with more ease and flow.



The magic that is YOU
1 session : 55 $     (550 SEK)
3 sessions :133$   (1.111SEK)

Do you feel you need something more?

You can book a 2 Month MAGIC package! With full support during 8 weeks.


4 session (60 min each)
1 Transformation with colors session
1 personal guided meditation (recorded specially for you)

Are you ready to fully invest in your awakening?

I will be your guide during 2 months. You have the opportunity to work closely with me and dive deep into all areas of your life that need a magical awakening.
You have message support in between our calls and I will be there to answer anything that comes up during the time.

Is it time to invest your full heart in your awakening?

Your investment 

Now 4.400 SEK/522$

Payment plan of 3 months

1500 SEK/177$

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Thank you for choosing the magic that is YOU

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