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Hello beautiful soul

It is one of my deepest joy's in life to help people awaken their inner sparkles of magic and make them feel more at ease and inspired in life.

We are all here to discover more of who we truly are and to awaken our inner magic. 

I am here as a guide to help you navigate your dance with life with more ease and flow. 

I guide you to connect more to your heart space and use creative tools to activate the creative magic hidden inside you. 

How does a session work? 

In the  1.1 sessions with me I use  mindfulness inspired practices combined intuitive painting which is a way of bringing awareness to the present moment and accessing what want to be seen, expressed, healed and transformed. 

I see creativity and mindfulness to be a very powerful  tool to use in life because it helps us awaken more of our inner wisdom and our challenges and our life with more curiosity and lightness. 

How these sessions can support you:

* To learn about your emotions, give space to understand and process them to bring more feeling of balance and peace. 

* If you are going through some big changes or feeling uncertainty and you are want to find a way to navigate it all.

*To bring a loving response to shift any difficult situation, habit or challenge your are facing into more ease.

*A journey of self discovery to get to know your self, your purpose and the amazing being that you a


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”



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1.Painting session

90 min

Intuitive painting -  Awaken your inner artist.

This is a creative session and you will be guided to use the magic of colours to go on a creative inner journey.

Intuitive painting is a way of expressing yourself with colours using your intuitive senses.
This is to help you reveal things you didn't see before and it is a very calming and effective way to connect to emotions and clear old patterns. 

This will be good if you want to release any creative blocks, heal and understand your emotions better, access a higher perspective and connect to parts of yourself that has been hidden.

Overall this session in designed to bring relaxation and loving awareness into any area of your life that needs it.

No previous experience with art need so don't worry and you can use simple colours and paper or anything you like that you have at home.

I will be there guiding you in the whole session and there will be  room to reflect after your experience to bring a sense of clarity and ease.

A recording is also received after each session

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1.1 magic session
60 min

Mindful Loving awareness

In this session you will be guided to awaken to your inner magic and find the answers you are seeking within.

This is a calming session to help you come in contact with your inner wisdom using mindfulness and loving awareness.

I will guide you into a safe space where you can bring up any difficulty you are facing and we will intuitively feel into what is needed for you at the moment.

I use meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you bring loving awareness to any difficulty you are facing and give space for any  healing and transformation that you most need.

A recording is also received after each session

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"The greatest gift you can give the world  is the gift of being YOU"


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Know that you can Book a 30 min free discovery call first. This is recommended for you to feel the vibe and we can see what you most need support with.

Thank you for choosing the magic that is you!