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1.1 session with me

1. Art Therapy 

Are you curious to see how you can invite healing and transformation through Art?

In this session you have the opportunity to release any creative blocks. Heal stuck emotions. Connect to parts of yourself that has been hidden and is blocking your true self to shine.
It is a creative session where I guide you to use art to transform and align.


2. Coaching

Do you have an area of your life where you feel stuck?

I give you support and guidance on how to move forward with more ease and flow.
I can help you form a  clear vision for your future dreams and goals.
We can also work on areas where you need healing and clearing mental, physical and spiritual blockages.


3. A magic conversation

Are you feeling there is something within you coming alive?
Do you have a dream and a vision of creating and being something more?
More playful, creative, free, expansive, Joyful, excited?

In this session you have the opportunity to  discover more of your gifts and who you are.

Together we bring your inner magic alive and connect you more to your purpose and dreams.


4. Transform in presence

A deeper exploration journey to your inner magical place. With a guided mediation created for you to transform, release, unlock and bring your magic alive.