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Are you longing to view the life through the eyes of a child?

With more curiosity and wonder?

How can we help shape this new world with bringing our creativity alive? When we gather in creative practices something magical happen.
When we let go of the serious part of, the one that judges, have to many narratives, we can fully access the creative intelligence.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"
- Albert Einstein

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Magic of Art online group workshops 

What participants say:



So I had been looking for a way to dive into my creative side. I knew it was in me, but after many years of putting it aside I wasn't sure how to start. So this meeting was amazing because there were no expectations, no end results, I just needed to show up and be open to whatever form or art you had planned for the day. Some were easier for me than others, but overall there was a feeling of acceptance and warmth from you and Ana María that made me feel safe to not do it perfect. And I learned it was me who was expecting perfection, but art isn't about that. So overall, a very inclusive, receptive and open space that allowed me to rediscover my love for art.





I wanted to Thank Moa and her wonderful work with art and music, I have had the most wonderful experience in the group sessions she and Ana gave during confinement and after. It was a moment of deep connection with myself and with other in the group. The feeling was always like being with your tribe family, a sense of calmness and comfort. I want to thank both and the group for these magical moments, where you can be and do what you feel, from the deep of your heart.









It is such a safe and beautiful space! I have become more open and secure with myself and sometimes feel more confidence when creating. Especially while in the meetings, even if there is an urge to compare I don't do it as much, "we all have different hands" right? I would feel kind of empty if the meetings stopped I think, sometimes they have really helped out of a rut or just helping me feel okay and safe with my emotions. I know I shouldnt rely on the meetings in a way, but still cant help it sometimes, they do so much good for the soul and have become so important in my life.


Quick art, music and dance have always been my personal way to express myself. I was just doing it in private. I am still learning to do it in a group, around other people. The space of "Magic of Art" gives me the safety I need to begin my creative process.